October 10, 2019

Perlow Productions launches Perlow Augmented Reality


Contact: Mike Perlow                                                                                                                                                    856-669-1669 

Perlow Productions launches Perlow AR

 For immediate release on October 10, 2019 

Marlton, NJ — Perlow Productions, a New Jersey-based corporate video production and animation company, unveiled Augmented Reality as its latest technology offering. Augmented reality, commonly referred to as AR, is video, animation, a hologram or other digital content overlaid on a real world environment. To put it simply, AR works by deploying virtual images over real-world objects. Imagine a video playing right out of a postcard while you can see everything in the real world behind the postcard. That’s Augmented Reality!

To enable clients to utilize this transformative technology, Perlow Productions develops a client-specific AR app and creates a uniquely designed AR target image that can be printed onto anything as small as a postcard to as large as a billboard. When the AR app is opened and aimed at the target image, it instantly launches the content within Augmented Reality. 

“We spent a great deal of time developing our Augmented Reality offering and producing video content that plays well in the AR environment before we rolled out Perlow AR. The initial response from our clients is strong and we look forward to helping our clients leverage the full potential of Perlow AR,” says Mike Perlow, President and Founder of Perlow Productions. Perlow said he can see his clients using Augmented Reality across business units from sales and marketing to education, the on-boarding process as well as research and development. 

Augmented Reality apps have emerged as a new way to reach a more technophile audience, to differentiate the business from the competition, and to introduce and communicate a new service. AR helps infuse the brand proposition in the memory of the users making it an essential sales tool. It can also create new ways to promote products or events and has shown to be effective at trade shows. AR is gradually being incorporated into all segments of business including online retail, healthcare, travel and tourism, education and real estate. 

To experience Perlow AR yourself, start by downloading the Perlow AR app (available in the Google Play Store and the App Store) onto any mobile device, turn up the volume on your device, open the app and aim your phone at the target image below:


To learn more, go to https://perlowproductions.com/services/augmented-reality/ or contact Mike Perlow at Mike@PerlowProductions.com or 856-669-1669. 

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