Listen Up, Recruit: Videos Win Over Audiences

We’re planning a video about Perlow Productions for potential clients to watch. Until then, we’re using a weaker medium – words – to explain our credentials. Well, websites need a few words. We’ve gone to some trouble to make our written material informative, even downright entertaining in spots. Notice, however, that we keep nudging you toward our most powerful sales weapon: our portfolio (click on that convenient link now!). That’s because nothing recruits people like video.

Recruiting videos create excitement and draw attention better than many other options like paid advertising, brochures, websites and representatives. With video, viewers see, feel, hear and experience what it’s like to be part of your organization, team or company. Videos also precisely present your organization’s image, technology, physical location, culture, messages and accomplishments.

We develop all types of recruiting videos:

  • Sports recruiting: we work with your team’s existing footage or have our experienced sports videographers shoot games, workouts and more.
  • Corporate recruiting: we attract exceptional talent by showcasing your company to potential employees.
  • College applications: we highlight a student’s sports prowess or fine arts accomplishments to college admissions staff.

Videos recruit viewers. Hey, have you seen our portfolio? Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

View Our Portfolio For Recruiting Video Examples