Does your summer camp video TRULY answer

“Why your camp”?

Or does it just show how great summer camp is in general?


When you partner with Mike Perlow & the Perlow Productions team,

the result is a video that’s as AMAZING as your camp!

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Kids are visual, avidly watching computers, television, smartphones, game systems and social media. They text instead of talking on the phone or in person. They retain information better if they see it rather than read it. So, it’s a fact backed up by habit and hard science: video is the absolute best way to showcase your summer camp to potential campers and their families.

Kids and their families witness the fun, hear the campfire crackle – and nearly smell the marshmallows – in our camp videos. Kids see themselves – and seeing is believing for the younger set – in your dynamic environment. With video, campers build anticipation for memorable adventures to come and parents long to relive their own blissful summers. We tailor our productions to your camp’s goals, personality, budget and target audience.

Need help recruiting great staff for the summer? 

A recruiting video will give your HR efforts that “magic touch”!

We capture the warm emotional heart of your camp with:

    • Detailed marketing & recruiting strategy discussions with Mike Perlow, in advance of the summer, to determine “Why” families choose your camp and how to show that in a video.
    • A wide range of HD/4K videography options, from single camera to multi-camera production options over 3-6 days and beyond.
    • Unobtrusive and professional Perlow Productions video production team members who fit easily into your camp environment.
    • Friendly conversational interviewing of staff members and campers by former TV sportscaster & company President Mike Perlow.
    • Aerial drone cinematography that gives perspectives of your camp few have seen before.
    • Creative logo & text animation designed to add interest and excitement.
    • Royalty-free music that keeps the focus on your camp instead of popular, copy written songs that quickly become dated.
    • We get to work when we return from your camp but don’t bother you, unless you want us to, until summer is over.

Hear why summer camps work with Perlow Productions: