Animation is a graphic technique that utilizes motion in order to bring characters, objects, props, and more to life.

Our Approach

Animated videos are a powerful form of visual storytelling and a tool that helps companies sell and market their products and services in an attention grabbing and memorable way. 

If your story is impossible to tell in a flat medium, or if you have a product that needs to be shown from various angles or even dissected , or perhaps you have a physical product you want to show off, an animated video is the perfect solution. 

Have you ever wanted an iconic, animated “mascot” or character to represent your company?

Think of the Geico gecko! Using an iconic animated character in your business’ advertising, sales & marketing is a great way to make your message more personable and fun and more than anything STAND OUT! It’s also extremely effective at helping you explain complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand, while also bringing a sense of humor and personality to your brand.

Advantages of animation in advertising

Every business needs to market its products or services in a persuasive way that encourages the audience to actually take a step. In order to do that, you need an effective and unique communication tool. 

Animation has a positive effect on the brain and attention span. Studies show that animation stimulates the visual cortex, improving visual acuity, and helping people to better remember and recall information. It also helps focus attention and reduce cognitive load, making it easier for viewers to process and remember information. 

Animation increases motivation, as it evokes positive emotions and makes complex ideas easier to understand. Ultimately, animation engages viewers and creates a more memorable experience.

Wondering why? Here are some of the advantages of animation for marketing & advertising:

1. You have complete control over everything

Animation allows Perlow Productions to create a world in which everything is fully aligned with your brand and creative vision. In other words, you have complete control over how every element looks, moves and works. No matter how simple or complex your ideas are, our talented animators bring them to life,  however you want, in whatever setting you decide.

Check out the “superhero magic”, our animation team created for CATS Technology Solutions Group: 

 2. Animation for business helps improve your brand recall

Animation has a long-lasting effect on people. Through the power of an animated video, your brand identity has the potential to impact your audience in a way they can recall it more easily later on.  

3. You can refine or even recycle your marketing animation 

Reusability is a huge advantage of animation. Creating the original animated video is a one-time investment. The 3D models, character design, and other resources can be used or even refined later on for use in other animated videos. 

Check out the very first animated character “Cash the Squirrel” and full video we created for South Jersey Federal Credit Union. We then created a number of other videos featuring Cash:

4. You can explain your ideas in a few seconds

In a fast-paced world, it is essential to get across your message as fast as possible. Animation helps tell your story faster and in a much more engaging manner compared to text, image, or even sometimes live-action video.  It allows you to portray even the most complicated ideas in a simple way. Combined with a voiceover, music and sound effects, we  simplify the concepts to what your  audience can easily relate to and understand. 

BEMER is selling a product that can be complicated to understand and has many important benefits to showcase. Animation was the perfect solution: 

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images and placing them into a digital environment. The process of giving movement and life to these objects is divided into three main parts: modeling, layout and animation, and rendering.

Modeling is the stage in which the objects or characters are generated. This can be done either by using a modeling tool or by scanning real objects into a computer. Both techniques are incredibly useful, and offer different benefits. By creating a model completely on your own, using a tool, you have much more control over the entire look of it. Scanning real world objects into your computer, however, saves a lot of time. No matter which method is used, textures must be added to the object or character before moving onto the next stage. Textures allow for a more realistic look, and give the model some personality.

Once the models are completed, they are moved into the layout and animation stage. Here, they are positioned and animated into a particular scene. First, a layout must be determined by creating a set and adding objects into it. Then, the objects and characters must be animated by assigning animation variables. From there, models within the scene can be given life through either keyframing or motion capture.

The final stage, rendering, is where the scene is generated into the finished video. Each of these stages of the process requires a lot of planning and work. Our animation team spends a great deal of time on each step of the process, ensuring that each model is tailored to our clients’ expectations….and then exceeding them. 

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