We Always Begin With "Why?"

Our process begins with a very simple question: Why do you want to create a video?

Who is your target audience?

Once we grasp the purpose behind your video project, our next step involves a thorough exploration of your target audience. We delve into how you communicate with them, what messages you want the video to convey, and what constitutes success for your production.

However, the pivotal question we pose during our pre-production meetings transcends the conventional “why someone needs your product or service.” Instead, we challenge you to articulate why customers should choose YOU over competitors. This probing inquiry often reveals unique selling points that set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Why your business, product or service? 

Our creative team guides you through this introspective process, helping you unearth compelling reasons why customers gravitate towards your brand. This insight forms the strategic backbone of each video production, ensuring that your content resonates authentically with your audience.

Then, we create.

Once we’ve clarified your value proposition, we transition into the creation phase. We present you with a range of creative approaches, tailored to align with your objectives and budget. These options span from “good” to “better” to “best,” taking into account factors such as the experience level of our videographers, the sophistication of production gear, and the optimal crew size for your project.

Moreover, we integrate animation and other creative elements to elevate your video and captivate viewers’ attention. Whether it’s a custom animated logo sequence or intricate technical animations, these enhancements propel your production to new heights, ensuring a memorable viewing experience for your audience.

Every Industry. Every Business.

From technology and manufacturing to healthcare, business groups and education, here are the stories behind the stories we show & tell for our clients using the Power of Video!

Mike and the team at Perlow Productions were extremely professional, fun to work with as they helped us to develop a very high quality, interactive training video for our drug product for use in our clinical trials. I plan to go back to them to produce additional training videos as we continue to develop our products. Highly recommended!!

John Mohr, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, SC Pharmaceuticals.