Work From Home Presentation & Marketing Services


Virtual Live Event Remote Moderation

Focus on your presentation or event and let Perlow Productions handle everything “behind the scenes”. Our process begins with a pre-event technical & creative consultation. During your virtual event, we provide Remote Moderation of all aspects of your live presentation including:

Client/Customer Testimonial Zoom Interviews

Mike Perlow conducts a 10-minute Zoom interview with your client & we upload the full interview video for you to review and select the best answers. $250/interview

Take advantage of our creatively priced video editing options to create a great series of testimonial videos. 

Editing options include: 


On-camera Presentation Coaching


Mike Perlow, who spent more than 17 years as a TV sportscaster, provides 1 on 1 on-camera presentation coaching. Each session includes a review of any previously recorded videos and a live practice demonstration with a detailed critique to follow. The focus of the session includes everything from wardrobe and on-camera “look” to body language, eye contact, and background elements. $500/session


Example 2D animated videos:

Example 3D animated videos:

Let’s discuss your animated video ideas!

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