Video Production Services in Kent County, DE

Perlow Productions’ services in Kent County, DE include HD videography, video editing, and aerial videography and motion graphics animation.

Kent County, Delaware towns in our Video Production Services area

Bowers Beach, DE
Camden, DE
Cheswold, DE
Clayton, DE
Dover, DE
Farmington, DE
Felton, DE
Frederica, DE
Harrington, DE
Hartly, DE
Houston, DE
Kenton, DE
Leipsic, DE
Little Creek, DE
Magnolia, DE
Milford, DE
Smyrna, DE
Viola, DE
Woodside, DE
Wyoming, DE


Our video production team includes gifted industry veterans with decades of experience. Our producers, videographers, video editors and graphic designers work together to deliver outstanding video productions. In addition to Kent County, we also serve neighboring New Castle County and Sussex County, in Delaware.

If your business or organization in need of video production is in Kent County, Delaware or you need videography services in any of the towns listed above, call us today at (856) 669-1669 to schedule the video shoot.

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