Virtual Live Event Remote Moderation

Focus on your presentation and let Perlow Productions handle everything “behind the scenes”. Our process begins with a pre-event technical & creative consultation. During your event, we provide Remote Moderation of all aspects of your live presentation including:

  • We make sure each person is on-screen when they are speaking

  • Oversee Q&A submissions & relay them to the presenters

  • Display all full-screen graphics, videos, etc. needed

  • Share your live presentation on your website and/or social media pages

Client/Customer Testimonial Zoom Interviews

Mike Perlow conducts a 10-minute Zoom interview with your client & we upload the full interview video for you at no charge. We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of our creatively priced video editing options to put the polish on your testimonial video. 

Editing options include: 

  • Creation of lower 3rd name/title graphics to identify the person speaking

  • Integration of client-supplied video footage/b-roll to cover portions of the interview

  • Inclusion of stock video clips or other graphic elements

  • Editing of shorter form videos from the main long-form interview


On-camera Presentation Coaching

Mike Perlow, who spent more than 17 years as a TV sportscaster, provides 1 on 1 on-camera presentation coaching. Each session includes review of any previously recorded videos and a live practice demonstration with a detailed critique to follow. The focus of the session includes everything from wardrobe and on-camera “look” to body language, eye contact and background elements.


Example 2D animated videos:

Example 3D animated videos:

Let’s discuss your animated video ideas!

Contact Mike Perlow:

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