Mark Your Site as a Favorite: Webcast/Live Stream and VOD

Don’t let this go to your head, but we can mold you into a popular internet star. With our help, hundreds of thousands of people breathlessly await your next words, scribble copious notes and tell associates how wonderful you are. You don’t have to shake hands or hold babies to enthrall the masses, though you might sign a few autographs on your triumphant way home. Sigh. That’s the price of fame.

High-quality webcast/live stream and Video on Demand capabilities effortlessly deliver your business, message, service or product to the teeming, grateful multitudes. Our comprehensive solutions range from recording and transmitting live events to embedding a simple one-hour presentation to hosting hours of mobile HD video. These powerful options access large audiences in multiple locations while also creating a video content archive that’s available anytime, anywhere. Often, these techniques extend the life of an event, allowing you to connect with future audiences. They also leverage an event’s marketing/sales value, enabling you to repeatedly publicize the available content.

These solutions yield outstanding benefits for on-line learning, continuing education,
executive presentations and much more:

  • Stream, broadcast, project and record at the same time
  • Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously
  • Broadcast the desktop of any computer on your network
  • Show PowerPoint presentations, software demonstrations,
    Skype interviews and more
  • Display custom branding
  • Utilize Live Event Page and Live Player
  • Integrate with industry-leading streaming services
  • Provide Video on Demand for large conferences.

Your favorite marketing tool: video. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

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