VR Offers Massive Marketing ROI Boosting Potential

Why VR/360 Video?

  • People Crave Experience, 360 / VR Videos Bring It To Them!
  • Immersion Encourages Education & Social Impact
  • It’s More Than a Trend. VR Headsets are Already in Millions of Hands
  • Both Facebook and YouTube now support 360-degree videos
  • For marketers and brands, this provides a multitude of new opportunities to manifest customer interactions.



From the Oculus Rift becoming a well-known name to other products showcasing at major conferences, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are finding their place in the market. And from virtual meetings to robust new ways of prototyping, both have the potential to impact the business world in the near future. Companies are realizing that VR/AR are viable options for capturing knowledge. VR offers a practical way to convey knowledge and its immersive nature caters to the workforce. Companies will use virtual reality and augmented reality to visualize what they’re building in a way that’s never been possible before. This level of prototyping will give unprecedented insight into a product at the beginning of the process. Decision makers and end-users will be able to provide better and more valuable feedback early in the game. Businesses will end up wasting less time and money.

When you list a product for sale, customers can barely get to see and comprehend how the product would work. Virtual reality provides the platform that enables customers to view these products in a more real and engaging way. It can produce a computer-generated 3D environment that can mimic the physical presence of the object. The entire thing is played out on the screen of a wearable device. Virtual reality empowers brands to take storytelling to a whole new level.

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