Your Star Supporter: Video for Non-Profits

You know it’s a worthy cause. Your supporters know it’s a good cause. With video, the whole world knows. Powerful fundraising and tribute videos move viewers – to tears, to action, to advocacy – in ways that letters and elevator pitches can’t. They change “maybe” to “yes”. They transform, “I’m not familiar with your organization” to “we support this organization’s great work.”

Our team members handle emotional or delicate topics with care, using conversational interviewing to capture meaningful sound bites. We learn what’s important to your organization and distill its essence in digital form.

We also maximize non-profit video budgets, adding extras at no additional charge to show our support. Our contributions are corporate policy now but really, the policy just standardized what happened anyway. Yes, the power of video moves us, too.

Non-profit clients of Perlow Productions include a wide range of faith-based organizations such as the Jewish Federation, JFCS & various JCC’s,  medical foundations such as the JDRF and IBRF, and numerous other charitable efforts like NABA, Angoon Alive Project and Ravitz Family Foundation.

Advance your cause with the emotional power of video. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

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