3D Animation & Motion Graphics: The only limit is our imagination


We specialize in translating the vague spoken word to the digital medium. If you say, “we’d like a thingamajig here”, then our computer geniuses not only understand the request, they invent a 3D animation and motion graphic that makes you exclaim, “exactly!” Request a cartoon character with “some personality” and our artists birth someone you’d invite to dinner.

See Why You Need Animation:

Motion graphics and 3D effects add extra sizzle to video productions. Sometimes, these technologies are the only way to accomplish your goals – modeling, rigging and character animation, for instance. These techniques demand practice that not every video production company invests in. We spent the time to develop our talent because these effects are key creative elements for larger scale client productions, particularly for those planning video series.

Our motion graphics/3D artists create powerful logo sequences, cartoon characters, video transitions and – in some cases – entire videos. Clients are thrilled with the results even though they couldn’t articulate exactly what we knew they wanted.

Perlow Productions brings images, characters and words “to life”. We animate every thingamabob, too. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

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