The Big Idea: Video Grows Businesses

Your business isn’t a multinational corporation (yet) but your ambitions aren’t junior-sized. They’re huge and worthy no matter how many employees you have or the number of locations you operate. Our videos go big on these core beliefs.

Local businesses enjoy outrageous creativity and legendary customer care like any other client. But we lavish a little extra love on you because your employees probably don’t wear hats that say, “Marketing” or “Sales.” (Of course, yours reads, “Jack of All Trades.”) Perlow Productions is your de facto marketing department: developing goals and key messaging as well as defining target audiences, competition and market space. When we bring them all together, our exceptional videos add polish to websites, grab new customers, stake bold claims at conventions and spark growth with brilliant flair.

A few words about budgets since every client has one. We offer a package deal: we go big and make the most of your budget. If we can’t create a fabulous video for the allotted funds, we’ll tell you. Think of it as the video production equivalent of “go big or go home.”

So your business isn’t an international force (yet). Get to it with video. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

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