Go Green: It’s the Best Environment

Hm, what’s the best location for this video shoot? The corporate boardroom (that’s booked solid for the next year)? The front of the building (with constant traffic)? The atrium (the ficus is looking much better but, let’s be honest, the leaves are still sparse and a bit jaundiced)? Green screen is a trouble-free, flexible location that’s always available and pristine. This technique provides the ultimate in location flexibility:

  • Abundant options to manipulate video effects – branding, logos, background color choices,
    motion graphics and more – during post-production.
  • Exceptional consistency: no variations in lighting, set decoration and other factors.
  • Excellent set control: no chance that the janitor wanders through at the wrong moment.
  • It’s simple to revisit projects in the future – if you change your logo, for instance.

Go green: it’s great for video, too. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

View Our Portfolio For Green Screen Video Examples