March 6, 2016

How Quality Video Can Improve Your Business’ Social Media Efforts

social media videoA few stats about the power of video

Video and the social realm: How you can grow your social credibility

The five basics of social media growth through video marketing

  1. Know your platforms and their audiences

YouTube is increasingly becoming a platform filled with community and social features, boasting audiences of over 1 billion (YouTube 2015), however today Facebook video is now experiencing more monthly uploads than YouTube (Social bakers 2015). With figures such as these you may think that targeting all social media platforms equally would be the way to reach the most people, however you need to truly appreciate who your target market are, and which platforms they use if you’re to see the ROI you deserve, rather than waste your time upon platforms that your audience simply aren’t on.

  1. Create content that looks professional

Shooting a video yourself, with your Iphone or personal video camera, is okay but if you want your video and social media marketing to reflect the quality of your company, invest in hiring a production company. The power of high quality content is invaluable. See how other businesses have already figured that out: 

  1. Consider PPC to give your video content a starting boost

PPC social media advertising can provide for a great start to your campaign and begin a number of shares that could eventually end in your video going viral.

  1. Be sure to include instructions for the next step

Video marketing is ultimately all about conversion, so whether it’s your website’s URL, or a button to buy your product then and there, you need to ensure that your video results in clear instructions for taking the next step.

  1. Remember to interact with your video’s commenters

Social media is all about being social, and too many businesses can forget to continually check for messages and comments. So once you’re video is uploaded and attracting comments, be sure to react with appropriate actions to capture those potential leads or answer any questions that may arise.

Social media video can be greatly improved with these tips and this can provide notable benefits for your customers as you can see clearly. Perlow Productions is revolutionising the way in which businesses can harness the power of video for their social media audiences. Ready to take advantage of the POWER of Video in your social media efforts? Contact us today at or (856) 669-1669.