The Outlier Project

Bravo! Bravo! What an Intro!

The Outlier Project, a large private membership community with members in 30+ countries came to Perlow Productions looking to upgrade the intro video for its Legends Series Spotlight events. They had created something very simple in-house but needed a powerful “show open” that matched the level of professionalism their celebrity/influencer guests expect and members demand.

Perlow Productions simply gets it and they want the outcome to be perfect. The final product blew us away. We had something good and now we have something that is spectacular.

Scott MacGregor, Founder & CEO, The Outlier Project & SomethingNew LLC

The Process

We reviewed their existing introduction segment and discussed which elements they liked and which they wanted to change/improve. Scott MacGregor shared an idea he had about showing their numerous previous guests as a “stack of cards”. Our animation team ran with that idea and you see it well executed in the completed production. We also “jazzed up” their existing logo, chose more powerful fonts for on-screen text and created separate versions for their Legends Series and Author Spotlight Series. 

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The Results

Response to the animated show opening sequence has been “wide eyes and smiles” as The Outlier Project guests see themselves being introduced with such a creative piece of art!