The Kintock Group

The Challenge

The Kintock Group, a not-for-profit organization that offers accredited reentry programs for offenders, launched Vantage Point, a voluntary program providing free reentry services to support former offenders. Kintock had no prior experience producing videos to promote its programs and sought a team of professionals that could provide hands-on creative direction throughout the entire process and also meet its tight timeline.  

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Number of Cameras
Project Duration
23 days

The Process

THE PROCESS: Whenever we work with a non-profit organization, budget is a key discussion point from the start. We spent time discussing the goals and desired outcomes of their video, different creative approaches, and corresponding costs of production. Armed with all of that information, we developed an approach that fit both budget and video objectives.

During our two days of production Perlow Productions captured sit-down interviews with former residents, the Site Administrator and a Case Manager as well as creative supporting footage of related programs. The completed video was a mix of interview sound bites, creative visuals, some stock video, and a custom designed animated logo opening sequence.

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The Results

The Kintock Group has received a great deal of positive feedback from their contracting agency and clients. They have received greater interest from the community for the services they offer as a result of the Vantage Point video production.

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