Klinge Corporation

So COOL, it’s HOT! 

Klinge Corporation, a world class innovator in the transport refrigeration industry, struggled to provide information to potential customers about its capabilities, experienced team and global reach in an engaging way. 

Number of Shoot Days
Number of Cameras
One + Drone
Project Duration
30 Days

Perlow had a great sense of our vision of the video and what would look best and connect with our audience. We wanted something modern, new and powerful and that’s what they delivered! We’re proud to share our new video everywhere we can!

Elina Klinge, Marketing Lead

The Process

We spent a great deal of time before Klinge even hired us, reviewing example videos, discussing the project goals in depth and understanding their key deadline for the upcoming conference in Amsterdam. Our production day included capturing creative visuals with our cameras and drone of the manufacturing process, employees at work and the Klinge building itself. Branded, animated on-screen text drove key messaging along with a powerful music track that fit the look and feel of the production. 

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The Results

Klinge’s new video is prominently featured on its website home page and LinkedIn company page and has drawn a great deal of positive feedback and comments. It was a key showcase tool for Klinge’s exhibitor booth at Intermodal EU. The video helped draw more booth visitors and generated great feedback on the video. 

Number of unique camera shoot setups during production days