Camp W

Summer Camp Recruiting

An impactful and engaging promotional video was a critical need for Camp W Day Camp, a summer camp in Long Island, New York. Their camp is located on the grounds of a school and thus they can’t conduct camp tours during the rest of the year. The promo video is the only way they can showcase all that Camp W has to offer.

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40 Days

The Process

In the words of Evan Wofsy himself, “The production of the video was everything that I was told it would be. The crew arrived early every morning and worked all day long. They constantly changed interview areas due to the sun or noise in the background. You truly felt that they wanted the video to be amazing and were never satisfied until they felt the footage they had was perfect. The team was so professional and very friendly with my staff. They gave recommendations about what to say in the interviews and were always enthusiastic about producing the best video possible. When the editing began, they were very responsive and made the changes I requested immediately. I was thrilled with the turnaround time.

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The Results

Their new promotional video is prominently displayed on the camp website and provides viewers with a clear idea of the culture of the camp and the layout of the facility and a great sense of the fun campers have every day at Camp W!

I Love Camp W!

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