Augmented Reality (AR)

Welcome to the world of Perlow Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality!

Perlow Productions offers development and content creation solutions to create your ideal AR/VR experience. Our goal is to help our clients implement growth-based solutions using the transformative technology of spatial computing.

Software & Experience Development: 

Virtual Reality Events:


Augmented Reality is positioned to accelerate digital transformation for businesses worldwide. AR  increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. With the explosion of 5G and mobile devices enabling faster and ever-growing access to the digital world, the potential for mind-blowing AR experiences is literally in your hand!

Perlow Productions creates a unique Augmented Reality app for your company. It is YOUR AR App. We submit and publish your app to the App Store & Google Play Store. Once public, your AR app houses your videos, holograms, or other digital content. You can provide an existing video or Perlow Productions can produce a new video designed with Augmented Reality in mind.

Our creative team designs a custom AR target image that aligns with your branding and can be used on anything you can print on. AR target use cases include postcards, posters, t-shirts, banners, flyers, large-form signage, product packaging, stickers, and tables. Two of Perlow Productions’ target images are below.

View a quick AR Demo:



Experience Perlow Productions Augmented Reality!

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store & download the PERLOW AR app
  2. Print out either image below (or keep it open on your computer)
  3. Turn up the volume on your phone or tablet
  4. Open the PERLOW AR app
  5. Aim your phone at either of the images below

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Marketing, Education & beyond

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