Focusing Business with Strategic Cinematic Videos

Our corporate video productions start in the $10,000 to $25,000 range. We produce some smaller scale videos in the $5,000 range. Larger commercial productions typically fall in the $50k to $100k-plus range. Everything depends on the overall “scope of production” for your video.  

Templates and Standard Operating Procedures are just fine – essential, in fact – if you’re turning out identical widgets. At Perlow Productions, we’re crafting videos that make great things happen in uniquely wonderful and entirely different ways. You just can’t standardize digital art without dimming the magic.

Every video production is a new creation from the beginning. We tailor our process to your specific project needs, goals, and budget. The process for your production doesn’t match others because your video won’t look like anyone else’s. Having said that, most clients have a few questions about how we work and we’re happy to answer:

Q: How do I begin a video production project?
A: You’ve taken the first step by gracing us with your digital presence. Build on that momentum: call or email us with some details about your video ideas and goals. Are you thinking of animation or do envision a live-action production? You can even click here to schedule a call/meeting with us right now! We’ll define a general concept, scope, and budget. If you like the way we think, pre-production kicks off next.

Q: What’s involved in pre-production?
A: In-person or by video/phone call, we examine every aspect of your project: goals, key messaging, target audiences, past video-related efforts, videos produced by competitors, deadlines, and delivery requirements.

Q: How long will it take to finish my video?
A: Timing and shooting schedules vary based on the complexity of the production, but we generally begin editing within 48 hours of completing videography. We manage our post-production workload so your video gets our full creative focus in a timely fashion. In many cases, clients receive the “rough cut” to review within a week. We’re so focused and attentive to details that this rough cut is often the final version of the production or very close to it. Your completed video is available by a password protected video link and for electronic download once you approve the final cut.

Q: How do you deliver my finished video?
A: We deliver videos in your preferred video file format. If you’re not sure what file format suits, tell us how you’ll use the video and we’ll help you decide. We can also recommend the best video file formats for your website, social media, and display on large event screens & monitors.

Q: I absolutely must have my completed video by a certain date – can you meet my deadline?
A: We always meet or beat deadlines. If the delivery date is unrealistic or requires tight feedback requirements, we will notify you at the beginning of the project.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know about your process?
A: You’ll enjoy working with us. We’re excited about every project because we believe wholeheartedly in the POWER OF VIDEO to build your business. Ask around – our happy clients explain our process and results better than any website; though our portfolio makes a very strong case. And we bring coffee & bagels to shoots. Dibs.

View your business through our powerful lens. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669 or CLICK HERE to schedule a call today.