July 1, 2020

5 Ways To Use Videos to Grow Your Business

Even though ads get all the glory, more often than not, the best marketing videos aren’t actually ads. They’re longer pieces of content that continue the story of who you are and what you do, giving current and potential customers an opportunity to connect beyond your product offerings. And because they’re not limited to a media buy, you can make your video as long (or as short) as needed to tell your story.

1. Product Videos

Product videos give your audience a more in-depth perspective of your offerings than photos. Video also lends itself nicely to side-by-side comparisons to help customers decide which choice is right for them. And if your product is actually a service, videos can bring that experience to life. Watch more product videos!

2. Testimonials

Testimonial videos are a simple way to establish credibility and show the wide range of customers you serve. The more diverse your customer base, the more easily viewers can see themselves being a happy customer, too. Watch more of our client testimonial videos!

3. How-To And Customer Support Videos

Given the choice between two nearly identical companies, customer service is often the tie-breaker. So show customers you put them first with a series of support videos. One place to start is with your FAQs. Addressing these questions or concerns preemptively can make it easier on your customers—and your customer service team. See more great examples!

4. Brand Story Videos

If you’re wanting to share your values and what you stand for as a brand, a brand or manifesto video is the way to go. It’s a simple way to give folks a peek behind-the-scenes and let them know who’s behind your brand.

No matter what type of marketing videos you need to create, they can be made with footage you shoot yourself, stock footage, or a combination of both. Try stock establishing shots interspersed between interviews with your staff or customers. Or use your products combined with green screen footage. Either way, longer-form content will have you thinking outside the 15-second-ad box. Watch more “About Us” videos!

What video ideas do you have for your business? Schedule a call or Zoom meeting with Perlow Productions to explore the possibilities or contact Mike Perlow at (856) 669-1669 or [email protected] .