June 27, 2018

5 Types Of Video Content That Increase Your Online Sales

Are you using online video to its full potential? Video content is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools businesses have at their disposal. However, many business owners and business decision makers are not aware of the many ways video can help them. Below are five ways video can increase your online sales using video.

1. Video Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time. However, until recently email marketing campaigns have been limited. Text and images were the main formats used to communicate with email list subscribers.

As online technologies and video technologies have improved, more and more companies are using video in email to communicate with email subscribers. Once you build an email list through your website or social media pages, you can start to communicate more effectively with these individuals. Here are 6 Expert Tips for Using Video in Your Next Email from Constant Contact email service provider.

2. Video In Sales Letters

Online sales letters have been important tools for businesses over the years. Similar to email marketing campaigns, traditional online sales letters – sometimes referred to as VSLs – usually consisted of text and images that were used to convince shoppers and business leads to buy a particular product or service or to take some other kind of action, such as subscribing to an email subscriber list.

As more people have become accustomed to watching online videos, many of today’s sales letters are now in video format, too. These sales videos can be extremely effective.

3. Testimonial Videos

Most people like to find out what previous customers think about a business before they decide to deal with that business. Providing customer-video testimonials is the perfect way to see and hear previous customers’ feedback about the company and their products or services.

Here are examples of comprehensive testimonial videos for B2B marketing and B2B communications from Perlow Productions.

4. Promotional Videos

If someone were to ask you to summarize your business, you might find it difficult to put all of the relevant information into words. However, you can do this in a more effective, professional way by creating a short promotional video. This type of video should include an introduction to your business, who you are and value proposition, an overview of the products and services you provide, and other relevant information that you think is important to potential clients.

Here are examples of excellent promotional business videos for communication and marketing that can be shared on your website, YouTube channel, and social media channels.

5. Case Studies With Video Content

In some instances, you might want to provide more detailed information about previous work you completed or ways your business helped previous clients. Producing videos that overview case studies of these activities is a great way to do this. Once a viewer watches one of these videos they will have a better understanding of how you can help them and they will be more inclined to find out more about what your business has to offer.

There’s a good reason why so many of today’s leading businesses and organizations use video as part of their online communication and marketing strategies. It’s something you should also consider for your business and the types of videos mentioned above all have the potential to increase your bottom line.

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