Better Than Being There: Event Videography

Would you rather go to the game or watch it on TV? Do we even have to ask? The screen is waaaaay better than being there. Your couch is cushy. Your fridge is close. And that HD, on-the-ref’s-shoulder view totally beats the one from a distant stadium seat. Event videos from Perlow Productions create that tangible “you are there” feeling. They build the excitement that – we’ll be blunt – some clients try to achieve by doing event videography themselves. They’re the first ones ringing us up before the next event because they’ve learned painful lessons:

1. It seems easy to record a live event. That’s one of life’s cruel illusions.
2. Only a professional team gets everything right for a one-time-only happening.
3. It positively has to be right because there are no do overs.

We’ve got all the video parameters – emphasis on all – covered for live performances, corporate happenings and more. We’re professionals, so we know if you need a multi-camera shoot to create the proper finished production. We’re experts with loads of experience and great attention to detail, so we fine-tune our audio sources prior to start because that’s the only way to get sparkling sound. You might say, “I missed the song.” We say, “Our cameras captured three angles of the last thrilling notes.”

Were you there or did you see it on video? When we’re on the project it feels the same. Call Perlow Productions at 856-669-1669.

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